Tiptoe through the 🌷

Tiptoe through the tulips with me.

I think that may be a song lyric. If it is then I have accidentally appropriated it and you will know the writer, as it must be in the public domain.

Well March is upon us. I am self-isolating so I may well use this as an opportunity to record those short videos I have been meaning to.

As you can see, the lavender I blogged about planting one winter ( if I locate it, I shall put the link to the blog here), is growing well. I am so pleased with the cuttings. I’ve moved some other cuttings I took a few months later, to a spot in the back garden.

My father died in May 2017, and I planted them in June as a memorial to him, so I’ll add a photograph of those here too, or perhaps I’ll make them into a site page.

I split the foxgloves up last year and you can do this now to give them room to grow. You can see the foxgloves to the left of the photograph.

Happy planting,

All my love,


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