Letter to Oriana

Dear readers, as my sister is the only person who reads my blog regularly, I’m taking the liberty of dropping her a line here.

I’ve deleted whattsap, as my cheap phone has become clogged up and needs more bytes to upload newer versions of my Aps. Also Facebook messenger is not working, which leads me here; anyway she can’t be found in Facebook….

I grew up in a house where we shared a telephone with our neighbour, so I’ve never much enjoyed telephoning the people l love, although l’ve become adept at making business calls and have been complemented on my business telephone manner, l’m not in the habit of telephoning my sister Oriana. I used to enjoy writing letters until stamps got expensive….

I’m missing you, and looking forward to visiting you soon, when I’m next in London.

The plant you bought me is thriving still; l’ve been determined for it to survive. I put it out on the doorstep to soak up the summer sunshine….

Don’t forget to plant your tulip bulbs in the autumn and they’ll reward you in the spring.

I’m out in the garden today rebuilding our first pond, as the first attempt with some old plastic leaked. Enjoy the stunning weather. It feels like a heat wave.

All my love,






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