Red and green

I’ve been spending some time in a Garden in a Liverpool.

A friend tells me that bluebells are two-a-penny there and are like weeds.

It is certainly true that in certain soils, and therefore, l suppose, certain parts of the country, you don’t have to coax certain flowers.

Someone was telling me recently about how they are going to plan out their whole garden before they plant it. You really cannot do this unless you know your garden really well; its light and shady spots, and then you have to know your plants too, their preferred conditions.

This is why trial and error and moving plants has always been a habit of mine. I’ve moved house and garden so often, I’ve barely had time to get to know the mini micro- climates you get in every corner of the gardens I’ve had the pleasure to own and nurture; 7 years has been the maximum time I’ve stayed with any one house and garden, and 3 years the shortest time, apart from mum’s house where l lived for around 17 years until l bought my first house aged 19 years.

It has been scorching in Liverpool for a few weeks. I thought I’d share that with you as it didn’t make the news.

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