The flower bed

So here is the flower bed with the tips of my newly planted lavender, grown, at no cost, from my own plant, with the help of some rooting powder and lots of leaving alone.

Writing the phrase flower bed gets me wondering whether we use the same phrase in any other language. In German it is Bett for bed and Blumen for flower; they capitalise their nouns.

I’ve looked it up on Google translate and it is Blumenbeet. In French it would be lit and fleur. This reminds me of fleur de lys, which is a Catholic emblem of a lily. I look it up on Google translate and it is lit de fleur. I have no idea whether in French this phrase would translate like this; often they have their own phrases for things, which are unlike ours.

Ce matin je suis dans un lit de fleur….well, I was….

Ce matin je me suis dans u lit de fleur. This morning I got into a flower bed. I did that too. Sorry, I like the way French rolls off the tongue….also I’m alluding to the fact that cold rose petals make s lovely sheet.

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