It’s a bit brown…so I thought I’d add some colour

The thing about winter is that it’s a bit brown and some gardens are not looking their best. So I thought I would surprise you with something I’ve been nurturing on my window ledge.

My sister, Oriana, bought this for me last year, and I was determined for it to survive the winter. Usually anything that is an indoor plant with flowers dies on me. I’ve realised, now that I have experimented differently with this one, that you’ve got to water them all winter.

I discovered this solution as I have a peace lily on the window ledge, and this produces flowers once or twice a year, yet I haven’t managed to kill this. I wondered whether I should adopt the same treatment for this plant; I’m not sure what it is called; the leaves have that tropical look about them though, so, whenever I wet the leaves of the peace lily, I did the same with this plant and it obviously liked all the attention it received all winter long, and has rewarded me with new pink buds.

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